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you've been blocked


It is undeniable that social media has changed our life. A significant proportion of our social interactions have moved from real to virtual spaces, which has influenced how and what we communicate. By virtue of having the world at our fingertips, we have grown accustomed to having instant access to about anything that comes to mind. I am always fascinated by the notion of privacy when it comes to the internet and its inhabitants.

This image depicts how people feel blindsided by the fact that someone blocks them online or how we attempt to ban others from viewing our feed, effectively denying what some may deem unfairly stripping them of their 'right' to be in the know, if you will.


I think this kind of exclusion can seem more extreme or harsh in comparison to what happens in real life, as blocking someone online is an actual physical act, albeit only a click or two, that the respective person carries out, rather than just stopping to talk to someone you no longer wish to interact with whenever you find yourself occupying the same physical place as them.


This image deals with the disconnect that happens after a breakup from the view of the broken hearted person, for lack of a better term. Being able to still follow their life via their social media presence and being to still see them and the new photos they post of themselves, oftentimes with new partners. How it can be ecstatic to catch glimpses of their private life. That more often than not, observing how they proceed by showcasing their personality in a manner so utterly different from how they behaved during the last real life interactions and encounters.

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